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HOTO Compressed Air Capsule (Model QWCXJ001)

HOTO Compressed Air Capsule (Model QWCXJ001)

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The Compressed Air Capsule 5-in-1 multi-spray nozzle with 2.0MPa high pressure.

1、4-in-1: vacuuming, blowing, inflating, and vacuum sealing;
2、Powerful vacuuming with suction of 15000Pa;
3、Air flow blows at 22m/s;
4、High-speed air pump at 500L/min;
5、Cleaning the car interior;
6、High-density HEPA filters are washable and reusable for long-lasting performance;
7、22m/s wind speed quickly removes crumbs and dust from between keys;
8、Fill an inflatable kayak in just 2 minutes with a 500L/min airflow;
9、Perfect for road trips and outdoor activities, unlocking even more operational possibilities;


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