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HOTO Flashlight Lite (Model QWSDT001)

HOTO Flashlight Lite (Model QWSDT001)

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The Flashlight, Lite has 1000 measured lumen that accomodates three brightness levels: low, medium, high, Lite lasts up to 24 hours with the low brightness level.

1、1000 measured lumens;
2、Three brightness levels: low, medium, high;
3、Last up to 24 hours with the low brightness level;
4、Support strobe mode and SOS mode
Zoomable focus, shine up to 218 yards (200 meters);
5、Use as a lamp with the diffuser on
2600mAh lithium battery;
6、Hidden USB-C charging port;
7、The power button and SOS emergency button asist you in the dark;
8、Attach the diffuser to the front head and transform the flashlight into a lamp, perfect for indoor activities or outdoor excursions.

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